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The Internet’s Completely Over

No more Internet

The Internet's Completely Over!
Potential Safety Hazard!

I’m not one of those types to make bold wide-sweeping predictions and I try my best not to use absolutes in my day to day conversations. To put it plainly the world can be an unpredictable place and you should never say never. But something has come up and I think I’m safe in offering my prediction.

“The Internet’s completely over.” No wait, that’s not my prediction. It’s Prince’s. My prediction is, it’s not! I would go so far as to almost personally guarantee the Internet is not over. I can imagine the scare this has put into most people. So please, rest assured the Internet is not going anywhere anytime soon. You can continue to conduct your personal and business lives through our very active virtual land.

Prince also informs us: “Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.” Again, please don’t panic. I’m almost completely sure Prince somehow confused the Internet with the Matrix. I’m speculating here, but that would definitely explain why he thinks we’re somehow being inundated with numbers.

The quotes come from an interview Prince did with the U.K.’s ‘Daily Mirror’. In his first newspaper interview in 10 years Prince masterfully shows us he’s somehow lost his Sign ‘o the Times.

Technical Skill Semantics.

This entry is going to be a bit rough on me. As someone who dislikes technobabble with excessive terminology and classification this entry is going against my grain.

You see, I’ve been looking for some casual contract type of work and find myself a bit uncertain as to how to rate or grade my skills.

Using some of the terms found in ads I wonder, am I a Ninja? Is a Ninja better than an Expert? Obviously a Guru is much more skilled and knowledgeable than an Expert. It takes years and strict training to become a Guru and I know I’m not that in any technical abilities.

So, should I consider myself a Star? I would sure like it if everyone called me Star. Better yet, Super Star! I assure you I am not a Rock Star and I don’t know what that has to do with web skills let alone what a Wizard does.

One thing I am certain – I’m not is a Fiery Dancing Faerie Master! OK, I admit I just made that one up.

It could be my age as I’m now deep into my thirties. I’m pretty good at understanding terms such as ‘basic knowledge’, ‘good’, ‘understanding’ and ‘excellent’. I do start to waver a bit with the semi-obscure or relative terms such as ‘intermediate’, ‘advanced’, ‘experience with’, and ‘expert’.

I further admit to finding it confusing when someone is advertising a ‘Junior’ position with a list of 10 or more different major skills. Another speed bump for me is ‘expert’. There is no way we have millions of experts and all willing to work for $10 to $15 an hour according to the ads. An expert to me is someone who has mastered their chosen profession, who lives and breaths it, someone who can school a teacher.

So my point as you may be wondering is that we need a good Technical Skill Rating system to gauge proficiency. You know, like the standard trade skill apprentice, journeyman and master. Something of that like. Is there something out there I, and most companies, don’t know about?

So back to my search where I can at least feel safe in understanding what ‘Local’ means.

Throw another blog on the fire!

So hey, I figured over 200 million blogs just didn’t cut it. Obviously we needed one more and I was the person for the job. I am certain the world needs my in depth, thoughtful and sensitive take on various IT type topics.

To be polite, I’ll give you a brief run down on what to expect – The what and why:

What: Topics will typically fall in the categories of web development, software/applications, search engine optimization (SEO), some business and marketing, programming, IT and Internet in general. Expect the content to focus more on my opinions or feelings regarding the specific topic.

Why: I can’t say one reason stands out more than any other, so in no particular order:

  • Research: I find myself spending a lot of time researching various tech related topics and thought my confused ramblings may help save someone else save some time.
  • Self Development: I’ve been away from full time web developing for several years and I want to update my knowledge and learn a few new things. For me writing, summarizing and ‘teaching’ (in this case preaching to) others is the best way for me to learn.
  • Can I have that in layman’s terms? I find it common for people to get caught up in the technology aspect, the terminology and various other things that can over-complicate the issue or message. I prefer to have it boiled down to a simple summary. Hopefully there will be some of that here by either myself or others.
  • Opinionated: I’ve always had strong opinions. I’ve done a pretty good job of saving the Internet from them but I think its time to let it out. Translation: I like to express my opinions and the medium of blogging and/or articles writing. This is a sad sample to show I can put a bunch of words together that can make sense. Who would like to hire me now?
  • Sharing: I like to share, it makes me feel happy and purposeful.

Expect some real content to follow soon as well as some additional details in the ‘About’ section.

Finally, as some of you may notice and as a good indication of my layout/design skills, the site is running a stock WordPress template. I do expect to do some modifications over time but do remember, “Content is King”. I’ll bet someone who had poor design skills came up with that quote.