About UMGY

  • Pronounced and announced as UHM-GEE (at least by me, obviously you’re free to pronounce it, or call it, what you wish.)
  • According to the DNS entry and WayBackMachine UMGY.com was born in mid December, 2006. With no known history before that, I can only guess UMGY’s age at just over a year at time of posting.
  • UMGY seems to be of female persuasion (as per her name you can sex her how you prefer.)
  • UMGY.com’s original owner was a cold and calculating person who obviously only wanted to use UMGY as a means to garner more power and money. (Disclaimer: The previous sentence is a bold faced lie or what is known as a story and a figment of “someone’s” imagination. It was written for dramatic effect. The story teller has no knowledge about the previous owner other than being involved in a pleasant and professional business exchange – see next entry.)
  • While collecting dust as a purpose to build a dynasty UMGY.com was acquired in late June, 2007 by Shane Lilge. UMGY’s new manipulator purchased her for basically the same reason as the previous owner but Shane held on to the delusion that the true reason was UMGY’s catchy name and slim 4 character body.
  • Fast forward 6 months later to late 2007 and UMGY has finally found her first real job as a blog with content that will touch on topics such as the Internet, technical, software, programming, possibly some business and miscellaneous ramblings.

About Shane

  • Shane finds it much easier to write about a domain name than himself.jessdad.jpg